The Gift That Keeps On Giving

The Gift That Keeps on Giving Luke 21:25-36 Isaiah 40 Listen to The Gift That Keeps on Giving   Tis the season for giving. From Thanksgiving to Christmas we begin to plan all the gifts we want to give those we love.  We try to find the season’s hottest, must have gift, to show that […]

Tried and True

JOHN 18: 28-40 TRIED AND TRUE    Listen To Tried and True I was 16 when I first saw the 1999 Sci-Fi, kung fu, mind bending, classic movie, The Matrix. And because the advertising campaign was scarce on details, I went into the movie not knowing what to expect. If you haven’t seen the movie […]

Giant Problems

GIANT PROBLEMS MARK 13:1-13 Romans 8: 18-30 1 Thessalonians 2:2-8 1 Thessalonians 5 Listen to Giant Problems   In 1676 the famous physicist Isaac Newton made famous a quote from the 12th century. In reference to the scientists that had come before him he said, “if I have seen a little further it is by […]

The Heart of the Matter

THE HEART OF THE MATTER MARK 12:38-44 2 Corinthians 4:5-18 Listen to a partial recording of The Heart of the Matter   The British Comedy group Monty Python gets to the heart of the matter in their satirical movie Life of Brian. The movie takes place in Judea during the time of Jesus. Brian is […]


GLORY JOHN 11:17-44 Listen To Glory   In these divisive times we can’t agree on much. But I think most of would agree that we don’t enjoy serving on jury duty. We try to find a way out of it. But there is always one person who breaks the trend. There is always someone who […]

Waiting Leaders

WAITING LEADERS MARK 10:35-45 Listen to Waiting Leaders                 At some point in our lives we have all probably had a nickname. When I was a camp counselor at Camp Massaneta outside of Harrisonburg, VA I got the nickname Will-Da-Beast. What do you have to do to get the nickname Will-Da-Beast? Some pretty crazy dance […]

The Prosperity of the Gospel

THE PROSPERITY OF THE GOSPEL Mark 10:17-31 Luke 15:11-32 Luke 16:1-13 Listen To The Prosperity of the Gospel The Good News Today is this: When we know the prosperity of the Gospel we shall give ourselves away. The prosperity of the Gospel consist of two parts. Our inheritance Our Reward First, the prosperity of the […]

Bound Together

Bound Together MARK 10:1-16 1 CORINTHIANS 13:1-13 Listen to Bound Together               Saying no to marrying people doesn’t make you popular as a pastor. But I have done so a couple times in the course of my ministry. There was one time that was particularly memorable, and somewhat funny. A couple once asked me […]


GREATNESS MARK 9:1-13 MARK 9:14-41 Mark 10:32-46 Listen To Greatness   Is it sprinkling or raining outside? This is the serious question that three toddlers are arguing over in a youtube video reported on in 2014 by the Huffington post.  In this video one little blonde haired boy, probably around 3-4 years old, debates one […]

Born Into the Light

BORN INTO THE LIGHT JOHN 3:1-21 Listen To Born Into The Light   I think it is fair to say that we are all looking for some guidance for finding our way through life. We are all looking for advice, that philosophy, that program, that will be like a flash light in a dark world. […]