Open Up

OPEN UP EASTER SERMON 2019 LUKE 24:3-35 Listen to Open Up So we all come to Christ for different reasons. We are attracted to different things about his character and about the Bible. As for me I came to Christ in college because I wanted to know. I wanted to know if God was real. […]

Real Love

REAL LOVE John 13: 1-20 Listen to Real Love Peter’s reaction to Jesus trying to wash his feet, shows us that though we all say we want love, we are not always ready for the love that Jesus is offering. The world isn’t ready for Real Love. The world isn’t ready for a love that […]

Seeing New Things

SEEING NEW THINGS ISAIAH 43:8-21 1 Peter 5:6-11 Listen To Seeing New Things   Nicholas Negroponte, is the founder of MIT’s Media Lab, and a seer of new things. In 1984 he gave a Technology, Education, and Design (TED) talk Negroponte predicted several technologies that are in common use today, including the smart phone and […]

Vulnerable Warriors

VULNERABLE WARRIORS JOSHUA 5:1-12 COLOSSIANS 2:6-15 1 CORINTHIANS 12-13 Listen To Vulnerable Warriors If we don’t learn from history we are condemned to repeat it. As a history major in college this was one of my favorite sayings. And there is a lot to learn from history that we don’t want to repeat. For example, […]

Seek the Lord

Seek the Lord Isaiah 55:1-8 James 1:1-8 Mark 14:32-38 Listen to Seek the Lord M. Blaine Smith, author of Knowing God’s Will: Finding Guidance For Personal Decisions, tells the story of a friend of his named Brock who was seeking God’s Will for his life. Brock lived in Washington D.C. He had a female friend […]

Thanks For the Music Larry Hall Memorial

THANKS FOR THE MUSIC LARRY HALL MEMORIAL SERVICE ECCLESISASTES 3: 1-8 PSALM 150 John 14 Read Larry Hall’s Obituary Listen to Larry Hall’s Memorial Service In our lives there are songs that linger long after the band stops playing. Songs that get stuck in our heads.  Songs to express our joy. Songs to express our […]

A House of Refuge

A house of refuge Deuteronomy 26:1-11 1 Peter 2:1-12 Listen to A House of Refuge Perhaps at some point in your life you have commissioned the building of a new house or you have done major renovations to your current house or property.  Whether you contract out the work to someone else, do all the […]

Widen Your Hearts

  WIDEN YOUR HEARTS 2 CORINTHIANS 5:20-6:13 Ash Wednesday March, 6, 2019 Listen to Widen Your Hearts  The number of people that show up to a person’s funeral doesn’t always indicate the impact of that person’s life. The Lord gives us different gifts and different areas of influences. We could have a very small area […]

The Infinite Game

THE INFINITE GAME GENESIS 45:1-15 Listen to The Infinite Game Perhaps many of us have been on some sort of sports team at some point in our life.  And perhaps after losing a game your coach came up to you and said, “it’s okay it’s not about winning, it’s how you play the game.” I […]

Come to the Fountain

COME TO THE FOUNTAIN JEREMIAH 17:5-13 Listen to Come to the Fountain Dave Huhn is a sheriff’s deputy in Montezuma, Colorado. AS NPR reports, one Sunday morning several years ago, Huhn got a call from a frantic woman who was screaming over the phone as she watched her 82 year old husband from the window. […]