Born Into the Light

BORN INTO THE LIGHT JOHN 3:1-21 Listen To Born Into The Light   I think it is fair to say that we are all looking for some guidance for finding our way through life. We are all looking for advice, that philosophy, that program, that will be like a flash light in a dark world. […]

Just One More

JUST ONE MORE MARK 7:1-13 Isaiah 29 Matthew 5:1-12     Listen To Just One More   Warping the point and the intentions of God’s Law, is what our passage is about today. Jesus is confronting the Pharisees in this passage. The Pharisees were sort of the religious rock stars of their day. Though in […]

Difficult Conversations

DIFFICULT CONVERSATIONS JOHN 6:51-70 Listen To Difficult Conversations    David Livermore is an international speaker and social scientist devoted to the study of cultural intelligence, which is basically the study of how to understand each other and work together when you come from different countries, races, or any other type of background. He tells of […]

The Living Father

THE LIVING FATHER John 6:51-58 1 Kings 18-19 Listen To The Living Father   Getting rained on for two days and sleeping in a tent in the woods, isn’t exactly my idea of a good time. But when Craig Puryear, one of the leaders of Boyscout troop 376 here at Calvin Presbyterian Church, invited me […]

Taught By God

TAUGHT BY GOD JOHN 6:35-51 ISAIAH 54 Listen To Taught By God As children most of us enjoyed the experience of going on a field trip. May it be to the zoo, aquarium, playground, or perhaps a longer trip to another city or another state.  Perhaps our schools even brought in parents or people in […]

When The Lord Gave Thanks

WHEN THE LORD GAVE THANKS JOHN 6:22-35   I believe that the scriptures teach us that it is good to give thanks, that thanksgiving is powerful, that giving thanks is key to life. That is why before I preach I try to find something specific to give thanks for. And I think even in secular […]

The Shepherd’s Feast

The Shepherd’s Feast John 6:1-15 Psalm 23 Listen To The Shepherd’s Feast                                 As some of you know, one of my major interests is healing prayer. I believe that we at Calvin can create an atmosphere of faith, where emotional, spiritual, and physical healing happen. I believe this because I have been all over […]

Bread For Tomorrow

BREAD FOR TOMORROW MARK 6:30-52 Listen To Bread For Tomorrow   At the turn of the last century this invention was called the Devil’s Work. I threatened people’s very way of life, so many communities banned the invention from town. Of course, I am talking about the automobile. And if you think about it, it […]

Resurrection Power

Resurrection Power Mark 6: 7-29 Listen To Resurrection Power   My hometown of Harrisonburg, VA is home to James Madison University. It is a small college town located in the Shenandoah Valley about a four hour drive from here. I remember visiting Harrisonburg around 2011-2012.  My parents live in an old Victorian house near downtown […]

Bubble Bursters

BUBBLE BURSTERS MARK 6:1-13 Listen To Bubble Bursters   Max Hawkins is a computer programmer who works at Google, one of America’s most powerful technology companies that runs one of America’s most powerful search engines by the same name.  And as Alix Spielgel an NPR reporter and host of the radio show Invisibila explains, one […]