Wrestling With Rejection: Part I

Wrestling With Rejection GENESIS 32:22-31 Part I: Listen To Wrestling With Rejection                  Today’s text is a classic text about wrestling with God in prayer. But the Lord has shown me that this is not the way he taught us to pray. Indeed, I believe when we wrestle with God, we are actually wrestling with […]

It’s Not About Us

IT’S NOT ABOUT US 1 CORINTHIANS 11:17-34   Listen To It’s Not About US   God help us when the pastor tries to crack jokes. Especially Pastor Will. But where there is a Will there is a way to make a pun. You might be asking yourself how can Pastor Will work pancakes into his […]

Who’s In The Whirlwind? Part II

WHO’S IN THE WHIRLWIND PART II: JOB JOB: Job 4:1-21, Job 42:1-17 Listen to Who’s In the Whirlwind? Part I Listen to Who’s in the Whirlwind ? Part II Read Who’s In The Whirlwind Part I Last week we talked about who God is in the book of Job and the Bible in general. Today […]

Who’s In The Whirlwind? Part I

WHO’S IN THE WHIRLWIND? PART I JOB 1: 1-12 JOB 38: 1-7 Listen To Who’s In The Whirlwind? Part I                  We are beginning a new sermon series on prayer. We will be going through the end of the year with this series covering different topics based off of Richard Foster’s book Prayer: Finding The […]

Captive To Joy

CAPTIVE TO JOY JEREMIAH 31:1-22   For Love, For Justice, For Jesus,  For Charlottesville Listen To Captive To Joy                 Recently, I was visiting my sister in Richmond over the 4th of July. And before I saw her I went to see two of my friends who are about to leave for the mission field. […]

Changing The Tide

CHANGING THE TIDE ACTS 15:1-21 Listen To Changing The Tide Watch a blind man ride a bike   Most of you probably know about Batman the caped crusader of comic book fame. But did you know about the real batman? His name is Daniel Kish. And as the radio show This American Life describes, he […]

Spirit And Truth

SPIRIT AND TRUTH JOHN 4:1-26 Listen To Spirit And Truth   Williamsburg Presbyterian Church is a very traditional church. Big choir, hand bell choir, and a beautiful pipe organ. The minister always whore a robe and a white collar. It was a very liturgical or high church environment. If you grew up Catholic or Episcopalian […]

True Confessions

 Listen To True Confessions I have to confess. Really I mean it.  This is a sermon about the Christian discipline confession. So unless I do some confessing why should I expect you to confess anything? So here is my confession. There is one question in job interviews I cannot stand. “So tell me what your […]

Marvelous Faith

Marvelous Faith MATTHEW 8:5-13 Listen To Marvelous Faith   There are many things that I marvel at. Many things I am amazed by. Many things that make me wonder. Many things that push the limits of my understanding.  But there is only one thing that Jesus ever marveled at. One thing that Jesus said, “that […]

Seeking Solitude

SEEKING SOLITUDE MARK 6:30-42 PSALM 62   Listen To Seeking Solitude   Once I preached a sermon on marriage here at Calvin Presbyterian. You can get yourself in trouble as a single man preaching on marriage. I know enough to know the things I don’t know so I did the best I could. Many of […]