The Key To Answered Prayer

THE KEY TO ANSWERED PRAYER JEREMIAH 18:1-11 LUKE 11:1-13 LUKE 18:1-17   I have often mentioned that my sister has a chronic pain condition in her legs.  My journey to find healing for my sister came to a head three years ago, in January, 2014.  Then I begged my sister to go with me to […]

Peter’s Journey

TWO SERMONS ON HOW PETER WAS BROKEN AND RESTORED. LISTEN TO PETER’S PROBLEM AND LOVE FOR BREAKFAST PETER’S PROBLEM AND LOVE FOR BREAKFAST PETER’S PROBLEM GOOD FRIDAY SERMON JOHN 18:1-27   I got to ask. What is Peter’s problem? I mean he goes from one of Jesus’ most trusted disciples, willing to die for Jesus, […]

Love And Respect

LOVE AND RESPECT   EPHESAINS 6:22-32 Listen To Love and Respect   A single man preaching on marriage is like a guy who is color blind teaching an art class. Or a deaf person conducting an orchestra. It is like someone who is afraid of falling and flying teaching you how to skydive.  It is […]

Filled With The Spirit

FILLED WITH THE SPIRIT EPHESIANS 4:17-5:21 Listen To Filled With The Spirit     As Christians Paul is telling us today that we have two fundamental choices.  And these choices are as different as night and day. We can grieve the Holy Spirit We can be filled with the Holy Spirit Grieving the Holy Spirit […]


UNITY EPHESIANS 4:1-6 Listen To Unity   November, 11th, 1942. It is a day that will live in hilarious infamy in the small town of Wabash Indiana.  On that day the circus came to Wabash a town that is about a thirty minute drive from my last church in Indiana. The Great American Circus featured […]

You Might Be

YOU MIGHT BE EPHESIANS 4:1-16 Listen To You Might Be     You might be a redneck if….. You have probably heard a lot of those jokes. Most of them we can’t repeat here in church.  There are many versions of this type of joke a lot of them focuse around where you are from […]

Torn Up

TORN UP ASH WEDNESDAY JOEL 2:12-17 Listen to Torn Up Here   Tis not the season to be jolly. Tis the season that we come to have the sign of the cross placed in ashes on our foreheads. Tis the season of Lent. The season where we fast and give up things we care about […]

Spiritual Strength

  EPHESIANS 3:1-20 I pretty much departed from my manuscript this week. But please listen to the audio of this weeks sermon. Listen to Spiritual Strength

Tearing Down Walls

Tearing Down Walls Ephesians 2:1-22 Listen to Sermon Here                 Today I have three questions that I want us to answer. What is the meaning of walls? Why does Christ tear down walls? How does Christ tear down walls? First, what is the meaning of walls? I am not asking what is a wall ? […]

Children of the Father

CHILDREN OF THE FATHER Ephesians 1:1-23     Listen to full sermon here What should the church be? What could the church be? Why do we give of our time and our money and our talents to gather here each Sunday and throughout the week? Why do we hope? Why do we pray? Why do […]